Juvenile Court Lawyer in Lee’s Summit & Blue Springs, MO

Juvenile Court Attorney Blue Springs MODana Outlaw represents individuals who are involved in juvenile court matters such as abuse, neglect, delinquency and status offenses.  If you are a parent who has become involved in juvenile court, it is important to seek the advice of an attorney to know your rights.  Parents may be required to work closely with the Children’s Division, formerly known as the Division of Family Services (DFS), on identifying and overcoming the barriers to reunification.  If reunification is no longer viable, the permanency goal can be changed to termination of parental rights and adoption.


Dana also represents children who have been charged with delinquency matters.  Delinquency cases are those in which children under the age of 17 are charged with committing acts which would be criminal if an adult committed them.  Making sure your child’s constitutional rights are protected is crucial. 


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