Mediation Lawyer in Lee’s Summit & Blue Springs, MO

Mediation Attorney Lee's Summit MO

Dana Outlaw provides mediation services for individuals wishing to settle their disputes without going to trial.  Some mediations may be voluntary while others may be ordered by the court.  During the mediation session, the parties negotiate issues involving custody, parenting time, child support, property division, maintenance and other issues in their case.

Mediators are neutral parties who do not make decisions or recommendations on behalf of a party.  Mediation takes place in the office and the discussions are confidential.  This allows the parties to discuss their dispute in private rather than having their dispute become part of a public record at trial.  Most importantly, it allows the parties to retain some form of control over the outcome of their case which is lost when the dispute is taken to trial and the court is forced to make a decision.

Mediation is an inexpensive alternative to going to trial and the parties are more likely to follow their agreement when they work something out together rather than having the court decide the issue.

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